About Ben

I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. My mom was a legal immigrant from Mexico, and my father was an immigration prosecutor with the Department of Justice. Both of my parents are among the hardest working people I have ever met. My mother taught me English, while learning it herself. She came from humble beginnings in Nueve Laredo, Mexico, and always showed me the values of working hard. My father worked his way up in the Department of Justice, and eventually handled immigration cases from behind the bench as an immigration judge. The majority of my childhood was spent at my family ranch in Castroville, or spending time with my siblings and cousins at my grandmother's house in Bandera, Texas. I graduated from Ronald Reagan High School, and went on to graduate college from The University of Texas at Austin. I majored in education, not knowing at the time, a life in politics would become a desire of mine. It was something that found me.

Why I Am Running

My father instilled the values of the Constitution in my life, but I truly became passionate about it when I visited Washington D.C., when I was 27 years old. I saw what these men built through wisdom - a divinely inspired country. The problems they faced are universal to today. Power corrupts, and naturally, power seeks more power. They knew that they had to create a society with a foundational document letting the citizens know their rights were not given by government, but were inalienable rights, given by God. This Constitution is a contract that tells the Federal government where its jurisdiction ends.

That is the reason I am running. It is not Right against Left. It’s the argument of preserving the Constitution. I believe the role of government is simple - protect our nation from enemies foreign and domestic, secure the blessings of individual liberties for its citizens both born and unborn, and to keep as much money in your pocket as possible. It should not be about how much money the government can spend that is yours, what they can give away, or how fiscally irresponsible they can be. We have to win the argument, and convince anyone who will listen, that the fundamental rights in our Constitution and the rule of law must be upheld. I try not to believe that the actions of those on the left are intentionally seeking to destroy any sovereignty we have as a nation, or any love we have for our founding, and our Constitution. Because it is only when we forget how we became America, that we will we have truly lost the battle. I will not stop fighting for our Constitution and our rule of law, in order to secure the blessings of liberty. I respectfully ask for your support, and vote, to be your voice in Congress. 

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