THE Issues



It is up to us as Representatives to fight to decrease government spending, both abroad and domestically. I would push and support a Constitutional amendment that requires the federal government to pass balanced budget spending bills. I do not support foreign aid to countries that do not align with our nation's values, and are adversarial to us on the world's stage. I believe in decreasing welfare and government handouts. I support military defense spending necessary to secure our nation. I support taking care of our veterans, not only when deployed, but when they get back at home. 



I believe the  government's goal should always be to keep as much money in the pockets of its citizens and businesses as possible. I believe in closing loopholes in our tax laws, in order to make it fair for everyone. Businesses and citizens alike should have fairness in our tax laws. I believe in incentivizing tax cuts for corporations, based on operations moving from foreign countries back to the United States, hiring Americans for production jobs, higher base pays, and higher yearly pay increases for its employees. 



Illegal immigration costs the United States taxpayers nearly 150 billion dollars per year. I believe in closing asylum loopholes in our immigration laws, and enforcing the laws on the books. We are a giving and generous nation, but we cannot take on everyone who lives in a poverty stricken country when we have our own citizens living in poverty. I believe in a strong border and border security, including a barrier. A sovereign nation must have borders. I believe in legal immigration. My mother was an immigrant who did it correctly. The more we let illegal immigrants in, the further back it pushes those waiting in line doing it the right way. We have a crisis on our southern border, and it is time to act.



"The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be INFRINGED." This is the only Constitutional amendment that protects all the others. It is imperative that we do not allow emotion to rule the day, and pass gun reform. The only people who would actually follow gun legislation are law abiding citizens. Criminals do not care about gun legislation, or any laws for that matter. They don't follow them. If we think critically, automatic weapons and semi-automatic weapons have been around since the 1920's. Only within the last 25 years have mass shootings increased dramatically. If guns haven't changed, then we must look at this problem as a societal issue. I also would support looking into the effects of pharmaceutical drugs for anxiety and depression. A vast majority of mass shootings have been conducted by an individual who was either on anti-anxiety or depression drugs, or coming off of them. We have a pharmaceutical drug problem in our country, and we need to be looking into that.



I am Pro-Life. Science would tell us that the baby is alive in the mother's body. Science would also tell us that it is not the mother's body, or else the DNA of both the baby and the mother would match exactly and the mother would die along with the baby during the abortion. So if the baby is alive, and it isn't the mother's body, then the question really is do you think a mother should be able to kill her child, because she doesn't want him or her? If so, how can we secure the right to life for anyone? I believe the fundamental right to life is for both the born and unborn.  



I believe in repealing ObamaCare, but the only way we are actually going to help US citizens, is to lower the cost of healthcare. I believe in a two-step approach to lowering the cost of healthcare. 

1. We have to write legislation that restricts insurance companies and providers from having pre-negotiated rates that are not offered to the individual without insurance. 

2. We should open up competition across state lines in the insurance marketplace. Right now, there are about four major insurance companies who have the majority of the business. Lack of competition is never good for cost. 



I believe in America being energy independent, being competitive worldwide, and benefitting businesses here in Texas. I would not support any legislation that imposes more taxes or regulations on the oil and gas industry, and hinders energy production. I also support developments in other cleaner forms of energy, including wind, solar, hydroelectric etc. We should always attempt to find better ways to fulfill our energy needs, while driving the costs down for our citizens, and regulating as little as possible.



Public institutions have become businesses rather than education. Our state sales taxes go to public colleges, our property taxes fund local colleges, and then on top of that, they charge tuition, room, board, and books. The colleges spend the money given to them poorly, and then charge the students tuition that they take out a loan for, with interest. The argument is that the grants from the state are not enough to fund the college. This is where cuts should come into play. If you have an administrator at the college making over 1 million dollars per year, is it really public education? I have found that any time money is granted to someone, spending normally does not decrease. I believe that since these are public institutions, funded by taxpayer dollars, it is up to us to defend the taxpayer from being overcharged for an education that shouldn't cost as much as it does. 



I believe our military should always be prepared with the best equipment, sufficient personnel, and training. In addition to funding new advancements in weapon systems, I believe we should focus strongly on new defense in cyber warfare. The wars we fight today are much different than those of the past. We must remain the most advanced nation in every area of combat. 

Mental Health for our veterans, both in the field and at home, should be put at the forefront of our focus. We ask our men and women to go to distant lands and fight wars, but have not taken care of them as well as we should back home. I believe in VA Choice, in order to help our veterans get the care they need in a timely manner. Congress needs to act. 


Social Security & Medicare

I believe individuals should have the ability to opt out of paying taxes into Medicare and Social Security. People have paid into these programs the majority of their lives, and the government has spent that money poorly. At the end of the day, if the government is taking that money with the promise of saving it for you later, why can't you choose to keep it now instead? Who knows how to spend your money better than you? People would also have the ability to opt into these taxes. I believe that all money taken from individuals for medicare and social security should be backed by inflation resistant assets. The people being taxed for these programs need assurance that the money will be there when it is their time to use it.


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